Support during hard times

Eligible individuals affected by COVID 19
can access upto $10,000

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Because of the shutdown we are getting record numbers of Claims and Calls. Please allow 5 business days for claims to be paid.

Financial Hardship Payment Associated With Stand-Down And The Pandemic

MERT has introduced a financial hardship payment for members who’s employment has ceased due to the COVID 19 pandemic but would otherwise not be entitled a redundancy payment. Those eligible will be able to access an initial $5000 (taxable at 32%) and a further second payment of $5000 (also taxable) two weeks later.

Any hardship payment made in advance of any redundancy payment will result in a reduction of any obligation that an employer has when a redundancy claim is made.

For more information and to apply, download the COVID 19 Financial Hardship Payment Claim Form.Opens in new window

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MERT is a Great Fund

MERT was established in 1988 to safeguard the redundancy benefits of thousands of mechanical and electrical workers within the building and construction industry across Australia.

How important is your pay today? Your MERT savings are as important at times of employment transition.

Key Benefits of MERT

  • Protection of redundancy benefit
  • Controlled by industry
  • Anytime online check of redundancy benefit

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