Who looks after your trust?

MERT is managed by a trustee company, which is called MERT Pty Limited (ABN 98 521 053 102)

At present there are three employee Directors and one employer Director. The AMWU, ETU NSW and AWU have appointed one Director and in some cases an alternate Director each as the employee Directors.

Employee Directors

David McKinley

Director - ETU NSW

Antony Stegic

Alternate Director – ETU NSW

Steve Murphy

Director - AMWU

Paul Farrow

Director - AWU

Employer Directors

Christopher Madson

Director - NECA

Oliver Judd

Alternate Director - NECA

Fund Secretary

James Tinslay

The Administrator

MERT has appointed Australian Administration Services Pty Limited (ABN 62 003 429 114) as the administrator of the Trust. AAS is a professional administration company, which specialises in the administration of Industry Superannuation and Redundancy Trusts. Contact us

Who pays what?

The employer is to pay contributions on members behalf, as per the conditions of the applicable, EBA or other agreement. There are no fees or deductions on member accounts. Funds are accumulated and held on trust for members until such time a claim is submitted by the member.

Hidden cost

There are no hidden costs involved in MERT. No fees, payments, commissions or the like are deducted from your account. All contributions made to your account will be available for your redundancy benefit.

Trust Sponsors of MERT