How to Join

Employers joining the Trust are required to complete a Deed of Adherence. This can be obtained from our administrator or by downloading the Employer Information Booklet from this web site. A Deed is included as Appendix A in the Employer Information BookletOpens in new window.

Please note: The Deed of Adherence is a legal document that binds the employer to the Trust Deed, which sets out the rights and obligations of all parties to the Trust. Please read the Employer Handbook for eligibility details.

Once the administrator has processed your application, you will be sent a welcome letter containing your membership number and your first month's contribution for completion.

MERT offer the great feature of being able to process your monthly contribution on-line. This is known as EmployerAccess.

EmployerAccess will not only save you time by not having to create manual cheques, but it will also enable you to:

  • Update contribution amounts for each member
  • Change member details, such as addresses
  • Advise termination of employment
  • Add new employees, and receive membership numbers on-line
  • Pay contributions via the Direct Debit System

Please contact the administrator on 1800 023 692 when ready to use.

How to claim a Deceased Benefit

Claiming a Deceased benefit from MERT requires the members nominated beneficiary or legal representative to submit a completed Deceased member claim form, along with copies of the death certificate, marriage certificate or proof of dependency (see back of claim form), copy of the members last Will and Testament or a letter of administration and a copy of the member birth certificate or drivers licence. Once documentation has been received by the administrator the claim will then be forwarded onto the Trustees for their decision.

Deceased member claim formOpens in new window

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