How to Join

To join MERT an employee is required to complete a member application that can be obtained from your employer, administrator or by downloading the Member Application form from this web site. Once the administrator has received your application, you will be sent a membership card and welcome letter.

Members can also view their personal account details on-line. This feature is known as MemberAccess.

'MemberAccess' is a secured site, which allows you to view specific details relating to your MERT account.

By using 'MemberAccess' you will be able to:

  • View membership details like name, address, date of birth, etc
  • View account details like account balance and recent contributions paid
  • View your beneficiary details
  • Send an e-mail to advise of any changes you may wish to make

Please contact the administrator when ready to use this facility on 1800 023 692.

How to claim your benefits for you and your family

To claim the following benefits provided by MERT, you or your beneficiaries will be required to fully complete the relevant claim form and submit it with the appropriate documentation.

Redundancy Claim: If you have been terminated or ceased employment you will then be eligible to submit a benefit claim form. You will need to have your last employer complete section A or provide a copy of your "Statement of Termination" verifying termination. MERT Redundancy Claim FormOpens in new window

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